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Tips On Caring For Wild Birds In Winter

Robin Wild Bird stood on a table in the garden

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs the wild bird population in the UK has decreased by 11% since the 1970s, that’s quite a dramatic impact on the UK’s wildlife eco system.

However there are things that we can do to help

During the summer many animals fatten themselves up ready for the winter months however birds are different, they are very much like humans, they live for the moment feeding on what’s available, surviving day-to-day. The other thing we need to think about is birds need to be lightweight to fly!

Gardens are an important habitat for wild birds and if you have a garden or outdoor space you can really help these incredible creatures by supplementing their diets during the frozen winter months, providing them with safe shelters and equally importantly clean drinking water.

By making these small steps we can all do our bit to stop our wild bird population in the UK from declining any further.

Where to hang feeders and drinkers

Domestic cats kill up to 27 million birds a year, so one thing you don’t want to do is turn your garden into the Serengeti. So make sure when you provide bird feed it’s away from preying cats. The best way to do this is to use hanging bird feeders. Just simply hang these bird feeders on a tree branch or on a Wild Bird Feeding Station where cats can’t pounce, and then watch your garden bird population flourish.

You can also buy bird water drinkers which basically hang from tree like the bird feeders, this is really important if the UK has a long cold spell.

Birds Like Fast Food

When buying bird food think high calorie and energy every bite, that’s why fat / Suet blocks and balls are so popular. They give wild birds all the energy they need to maintain their extremely active lives in just a few beak-fulls.

Seeds and nuts are also a great way to give these beautiful little creatures energy and nutrients.

So, don’t forget to give our feathery little friends a boost this winter…

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