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Be bright, be seen

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With Autumn and winter fast approaching and the nights are drawing in, we want you to be safe and be seen! 

Did you know, on the 21st December 2021 the sunsets....

However, no matter what part of the year you go out, whether it’s on your horse, bike, go for a walk, take the dog out you must be seen, if you are crossing or walking on a highway at night.

Image as advertised on the Highway Code website

Crown Copyright. The content have been sourced from the 2021 edition of The Official Highway Code, and reproduced under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

The Highway Code states....

At night. It is safer not to ride on the road at night or in poor visibility, but if you do, make sure you wear reflective clothing and your horse has reflective bands above the fetlock joints. A light which shows white to the front and red to the rear should be fitted, with a band, to the rider’s right arm and/or leg/riding boot. If you are leading a horse at night, carry a light in your right hand, showing white to the front and red to the rear, and wear reflective clothing on both you and your horse. It is strongly recommended that a fluorescent/reflective tail guard is also worn by your horse.

Be Seen This Autumn & Winter

It's not just on a horse you need to be seen....

You could be walking the dog at night and want to be visible to passing vehicles, especially if your dog is a bit wayward!

It’s also important when riding your bike that you’re seen especially when last year there were over 12,000 accidents involving bikes and cars in 2019.

So at night, please make sure you are seen by wearing Hi Vis clothing.

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