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🌼 Spring Horse Care Guide 🌼

When spring is in the air, there’s no feeling like it, warm sunshine, colourful fields and trees and the sound of bees humming. This season of renewal is the perfect time to ensure your horse is ready for the warmer days ahead. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to prepare your equine companion for spring:

Assess and Adjust Your Horses Diet

Evaluate your horse's body condition after the winter months and adjust their diet accordingly.

Gradually reintroduce fresh, tender spring grass to prevent digestive upset.

Consider consulting with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist to modify the feeding regimen for the increased activity level.

Pasture Management

Gradually introduce horses to spring pastures to allow their digestive systems to adapt.

Rotate pastures to prevent overgrazing and promote healthier grass growth.

Keep an eye out for toxic plants that might emerge in the spring.

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Exercise Routine

Adjust the exercise routine to gradually increase intensity as your horse gets back into shape.

Incorporate variety into workouts, such as trail rides or different schooling exercises.

Spring Cleaning

Clean and disinfect stables and paddocks to remove any accumulated winter waste.

Repair or replace any damaged fencing, ensuring a safe environment for your horse.

Seasonal health changes check

Keep an eye out for spring-specific health issues such as allergies or respiratory concerns.

Be vigilant for signs of laminitis, as the lush spring grass can be a trigger.

Prepare for the pesky insects...

With warmer weather comes an increase in insects.

Mild winters mean more pesky flies and bugs in Spring, so be prepared.

Have a plan in place for fly control, whether it's through:

Fly Sheets & Rugs
Fly Masks & Veils
Fly Repellents

And Finally....

Enjoy Bonding Time, take advantage of the pleasant weather to spend quality time with your horse. This could be through grooming sessions, relaxing rides, or simply being present with them in the pasture.

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and growth, and by following these steps, you’ll ensure that your horse embraces the season with vitality and good health. As always, consult with your veterinarian for personalised advice based on your horse’s specific needs. Happy spring!

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About Athena

Athena is our Equine specialist, who has been riding and competing (predominantly in show jumping) since the age of 6 years old.

She also has a diploma in Equine management and has 3 horses of her own.

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