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How to keep your dog cool in hot weather

Dog going for a walk on a hot summer day

The UK is getting hotter summers there’s no denying it, however we as Brits are used to a cool to warm climate, not stifling hot like we are expecting over the next couple of weeks, are dogs are no different and will need help to keep cool as like us, they are not used to it.

Here are some great tips on making sure your dog stays as cool as he can…


The most obvious one and the most important, your dog is made up of 60% water so it’s important it stays that way. If you are going on walks, going to the beach or a trip out in the car make sure you take a dog travel bowl and a bottle of water with you so you can give him a drink whilst you’re sipping on your iced latte.

Please; do not leave your dog in the car by himself, even for 5 minutes, in this heat. Even with all the windows open a stationary car is a hot place to be.


Give them a break

If you’re out and about you will need to give your dog regular breaks, signs of heat fatigue include:

  • Laying down at every opportunity or more often than usual on walks or when you are out and about
  • Whimpering
  • Excessive panting – sounding like a helicopter
  • Not keeping up or going slower than they normally do

If you notice any of the above it’s time you find some shade or somewhere cooler and take a break.

Somewhere cool to lie-down

There’s nothing like a nice cool bed to get into when the weather is hot and your dog will feel the same, so if you can get him a Cooling Mat, activated by the weight of the dog this non-electrical mat will maintain a slightly lower temperature than ambient. These mats are ideal for beds, crates and travel.

Cool Jacket

You can also get your dog a cooling coat which instantly refreshes them, just dip it in water and then put it on your dog for an instant heat reduction.

Plan your walks

99% of dogs love a good walk, however they can suffer from heat stroke if they over do it or are in very high heat for too long, so it’s best to plan your walks for evening or early morning when the temperature is at it’s lowest. Be careful where you take your dog/s, if you take them on paths and roads make sure you keep to the shade as the chances are they will burn their feet if it’s too hot, try sticking to grass verges, fields and shaded paths.

Cool Idea

Freeze their dogs toys and treats. For example if you put their Kong Classic Toy in the freezer with treats stuffed inside until frozen, they will love the coolness of the toy on their tongue, the tongue is where they cool down from after all. They might also like a frozen carrot, it’ll be like a popsicle!

Swimming or Paddling?

Unless your dog swims a lot in an area they know well the advice by a leading dogs home is to be careful when letting dogs swim as some parts of rivers, the coast or lakes can be dangerous. It’s better they paddle in a stream or shallow river. If you don’t have access to such places, fill up a paddling pool in a shaded part of your garden and let them splash arounds like an excited toddler.

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