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01432 345321

Free Fitting Service For Riding Hat & Body Protectors

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Riding safety is an essential part of riding and in this day an age there are no excuses for not wearing or putting on an ill fitting riding hat or body protector. We at Countrystore are passionate about your safety so we are offering free fitting at either of our stores.

Riding hats must be properly fitted as the wrong sized riding hat can be just as dangerous as not wearing a one at all. Your riding hat should fit like a glove with a firm fitting all around the head – after all a new riding hat must mould around your head.

How a riding hat should fit

Put the hat on with your forehead going in first, and then roll the hat back over the head and feel the hat lock into the base of your skull. If there are any gaps or the hat can be easily rock backwards and forwards when the strap isn’t filtted or tight then it might be an idea to try and different sized helmet. 

Help is on hand...

If finding the right riding hat daunts you or you just wish to have it professionally fitted then help is on hand – here at stores in Whitestone (Herefordshire) & Pontypool Gwent, we are offering a free fitting with an expert.

Body protectors

Body protectors for riding horses these days have significantly improved from the incredibly rigid and imposing wear from days of old. They are now very lightweight, breathable and extremely strong making them a must.  

If you would prefer to get your Body protector fitted by an expert then come in-store (Hereford & Pontypool) and we will fit for free measuring your waist, chest and back length making sure your body protector does not shift on the body.

A selection of our riding body protectors

To book your free fitting fill in the form below or call us on  01432 345321 for our Hereford store or 01495 750282 if you would like to come to our Pontypool store. Walk-ins are also available.

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