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10% Off All Pet Supplies

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We are giving 10% off ALL our pet supplies except for food.

You don’t need a coupon code, we have conveniently taken off the 10% so there’s nothing to remember at checkout. 

So if you have a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or like to feed the wild birds in your garden, there’s no better place to purchase your pet supplies than from Countrystore.

And if you can make it to either of our stores (Hereford or Pontypool), the prices in the shops have also been slashed by 10%.

Popular Lines With 10% Discount

Ancol’s “Made From” range is basically tough dog products made from recycled materials. They are extremely tough, beds are super comfy and you and your dog are being environmentally-friendly!

We have a huge selection of dog leads, collars and harnesses, bring your dog in (if you can) and let them try one on!

If you love watching wild birds feeding in your garden choose from a huge selection of bird feeders…

Birds Feeding from a feeder
Tabby cat with a smart tartan collar with a bow

Does your cat like to dress up? Or do you need a quality cat safe collar which will scare the birds?

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