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Heygates Rabbit Mix 20kg

Heygates Rabbit Mix 20kg – A premium coarse mix for rabbits with cooked cereals, flaked peas, minerals and vitamins.


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Heygates Rabbit Mix 20kg

Heygates Rabbit Mix 20kg – 14% PROTEIN 13% FIBRE

Available in a 20kg bag
A premium coarse mix for rabbits with cooked cereals, flaked peas, minerals and vitamins.


GROWING RABBITS (Up to one year old)
Feed pellets or mix to appetite.  Typical daily intake is between 100g and 200g

Feed 25g of Pellets or Mix for every kg of your rabbit’s body weight.  e.g. for a medium sized rabbit weighing 2kg feed 50g per day.  If introducing a new feed do so gradually to avoid digestive upsets.

Feed 75g of pellets or mix for every kilo of your rabbit’s body weight.

Rabbits need plenty of fibre to keep their digestive systems healthy so good quality fresh hay should be available ad lib.  Hay is also essential because the grinding action of chewing long forage helps to reduce the likelihood of dental problems. Ideally rabbits should also have access to grass for grazing. Never feed grass cuttings as this can cause digestive upset.

Feed a variety of fresh greens daily, approximately one adult handful depending on the size of the rabbit.  Introduce new greens gradually to avoid digestive upset.

Rabbits should have constant access to clean fresh water.

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